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Long strolls on the beach go hand in hand with romance. Due to its magnificent coastline, Croatia is naturally one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. Of course, what makes a place romantic is subjective. Some prefer tranquillity, candlelight dinners and sunsets while others love sunbathing, exploring and being adventurous. Thankfully, the sheer [...]


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We all want to feel healthier and be more productive at work. But we can’t do that if we don’t take a break every once in awhile. Our bodies need to relax. Eastern Europe is an ideal travel spot; the cities are architectural, incredibly diverse and entertaining. Whether you want to try out adventurous activities [...]


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Who hasn’t dreamed of taking in the magnificent views of the Austrian Alps, or crossing the water straight over to exquisite Venice or witnessing tiny parishes across the French landscape—all from the comfortable and cozy apartment of train? Exploring Europe by rail is undoubtedly exhilarating and romantic experience. If you plan accordingly, then it is [...]


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Imagine traveling the dusty roads of the historical site of an ancient Roman Empire and wending your weary way through the glorious sunshine. You round a hill-top and there, stretched out before you, you can see the sun shimmering off the Adriatic Sea, lush green islands like emeralds emerging from the most vivid blue imaginable, [...]

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Malmo is Sweden’s 3rd largest city and home to Scandinavia’s most picturesque attractions and places of interest. Packed with edgy contemporary museums, beautiful parks and incredible cuisine, the city has been completely transformed in 2000, when the Oresund Bridge was opened. This bridge was meant to connect Malmo to the cooler and bigger Copenhagen. Nowadays, [...]


A Guide to the Historical Sites in Croatia

by Dean on February 28, 2015

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Croatia is a country in Europe with a rich history and a recent member of the European Union. There are many fascinating historic sites that stand still as testament to that fact. From pre-historic archaeological finds, to well-preserved Roman remains, from medieval old towns to Venetian palaces and Gothic churches, Croatia has much that will [...]


London: What to See and Do in Just 24 Hours

by Dean on February 14, 2015

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London is one of those amazing cities people explore for brazen iconography, the palpably sexy accents and the over-clicked landmarks. It is said that the bubbly city never sleeps and will stun you with its nocturnal lifestyle, contemporary style skyscrapers, old historical structures, and an unbelievably vivacious & youthful feel. Every single individual who’s been [...]

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Underground wonders of the world

by Dean on June 17, 2014

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“Beauty, heartbreaking beauty is all around us” – Edward Abbey Nature is beautiful in all its forms. You may have seen a predator kill its prey with remarkable cruelty and thought it an ugly sight but I would beg to differ. We humans live in such close quarters with nature but fail to see how [...]


The top 7 adventure destinations in Russia

by guestauthor on December 11, 2013

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Russia, the world’s largest country offers a vast array of adventure destinations including mountainous views, shorelines, glaciers, and structures, cultural and historical sites. Here are the The Top 7 Adventure Destinations. The trans-Siberian railway This classic railway runs from Vladivostok to Moscow. It is currently the longest railway system in the entire world begun back [...]


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A trip to London is incomplete without a visit to the romantic spots of this historic city if you are planning to go with your beloved. London is home to some of the most romantic spots in London. Go through this list of 10 most romantic places in London to show your love in style: [...]