Top 3 Secret Beaches of Thailand

by Dean on July 2, 2015

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Thailand is a great choice for those of you who want to take an exotic vacation on a budget. Hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Thailand throughout the year but the best time to travel here would be between November and February. However, for those of you who do not like the crowd and want [...]


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Pattaya serves as an excellent travel destination for people looking to experience something fresh and new that cannot be experienced in Bangkok. Located south of Bangkok, the seaside city is divided into three sections: North, South and Central Pattaya and each location differs from one another offering up different areas of attractions and experiences. For [...]


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Some of the world’s best trekking spots are in the Nepalese Himalayas. The mountain chain is a land of fluttering prayer flags and snow peaks, which basically means that you’ll experience epic adventures. Many international trekkers choose to test their limits; two classic expeditions include the Annapurna Circuit and the Everest Base Camp. Himalaya is [...]


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On the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand and 100 kilometers south of Bangkok lies the city of Pattaya. It is one of the world’s foremost snorkeling and scuba diving hubs. It has gained this distinction due in part to Thailand’s accessibility to foreign travelers and the comparatively low costs for snorkel and scuba [...]


How to Expertly Backpack Through Hong Kong

by Dean on March 16, 2015

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Asia is one of the great meccas for traveling as a backpacker. Although the continent is massive and is home to a variety of difficult-to-traverse landscapes, it offers unmatched scenery and unbeatable prices for the traveler on a strict budget. When most people think of traveling cheaply around Asia, they think of countries like Thailand, [...]


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Visiting Thailand Exploring Thailand is a magical experience you need to see and feel for yourself, because there are many mysterious places you can visit and explore. Furthermore, Thailand offers great beaches, palaces, temples and cities to visit. This beautiful country is a mixture of traditional and modern, resulting in a great combination of both [...]


The Exotic Island of Koh Samui, Thailand

by Dean on February 24, 2015

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The entire country of Thailand is an exotic place. Occupying the largest chunk of Indochina and stretching well into the Malaysian peninsula, Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the last decade and its popularity is on the constant rise. It attracts people of all generations from all parts of the world. [...]


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Nepal is famous for its Great Himalaya, although the destinations offered are meant for the most adventurous travelers in the world. Do you have what it takes to explore Nepal and go deep into the Himalayan regions where nobody else has gotten the chance to see? The country’s allure is incredible; it boasts authentic villages, [...]


Shop like an Ambassadress in Bangkok

by Dean on November 23, 2014

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Central Embassy is the Galeries Lafayette of Thailand. It is where the Madame de Pompadours of Siam purchase their wardrobe, where boulevardiers splurge on accoutrements, where stylish window shoppers imagine better probabilities, and it is the place where cultured shade-seekers adjourn to when enervated by Bangkok’s perennial sultry climate. Entering through the main front entrance, [...]


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Planning for a trip this vacation? Looking for a place that will offer a wide range of tourist attractions? Why not explore the deserts and rich culture of India. Check out the Rajasthan Tour Packages that can help you plan the best trip and make it memorable. Situated in the western region of the country, [...]