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10 Reasons to Visit Boston

by Dean on July 31, 2017

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Boston is the historical epicenter of the American revolution. The city’s narrow streets and elegant architecture tell a distinctly American tale of transformation. This historical story molds the best things to do in Boston, and lets visitors get in touch with America’s famous revolutionary events. Take a walk through Boston and discover a time when [...]


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This article was originally published on Nomadic Chick on August 10, 2016 by Jeannie Mark It’s that time of year to travel and a staycation is a great way to save money, but still have a satisfying trip. If you live in the northeastern part of the states, take a chance on some off-beaten places you might otherwise [...]


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This post was originally published on Live Learn Venture on 16th June, 2016 by Natasha If you’re planning a fall road trip throughout the Midwest part of the United States, you’ll have a lot of things to consider during the planning process! One big choice is deciding what hotels you’ll choose to stay well-rested during your adventures. [...]


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This post was originally published on Project Domestication on June 15th, 2016 by Becky Make some late summer or early trip plans to explore Amarillo, McAllen or Irving, Texas or skip over the ocean to Puerto Rico for an adventurous time in Fajardo. Amarillo, Texas Start planning the perfect fall trip to Amarillo. This time of year brings [...]


The Best US Cities to Visit for Museums

by Dean on July 21, 2016

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The United States is home to an amazing selection of museums, with nearly every major city being home to a few museums. These vary in size and scope, with museums showcasing all manner of different exhibitions whist others can specialise in one particular thing, such as science, art, or history. There is a rich plethora [...]


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Photo by JoshNV on Flickr When looking for a summer holiday destination in Texas, it is hard to beat a trip to the Gulf of Mexico for some sun and sand. For an exciting but affordable family vacation destination, South Padre Island is a good choice. You will find year-round warm weather, wonderful beaches and lots of [...]


Boutique Hotels in St. Pete Beach, Florida

by Dean on April 22, 2016

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Photo by Marc Smith on Flickr Beautiful white sand, sub-tropical water and amazing sunsets. This is what you will find at St. Pete Beach, one of Florida’s most famous beaches, and known as a laid-back tourist destination. This part of Florida receives an abundance of sunshine all year round, making it perfect for lazing on the beach, [...]


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America is a top international tourist destination. If you have always dreamed of visiting the USA then you should carefully plan your trip. This guide will look at important things to think about when you visit America, including visas, flights and hotels. Deciding Where to Go The first thing to consider is where in America [...]


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It is well-known that the Midwest of the United States has a lot to offer travelers, from beautiful natural scenery to interesting cities. For vacationers, it is the big popular cities such as Chicago that they flock to, however many of the region’s lesser-known cities deserve your attention as well. You’d be suprised at what [...]


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Who doesn’t like exploring the world at this age? It’s obvious none, as human beings are social in nature and like exploring and having new adventures. The earth is amazing in nature ranging from its beautiful landscapes to picturesque coastlines arrayed with wonderful beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and many more remarkable things. The world has just [...]