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Who hasn’t dreamed of taking in the magnificent views of the Austrian Alps, or crossing the water straight over to exquisite Venice or witnessing tiny parishes across the French landscape—all from the comfortable and cozy apartment of train? Exploring Europe by rail is undoubtedly exhilarating and romantic experience. If you plan accordingly, then it is [...]


Famous and historical casinos in Canada

by guestauthor on October 4, 2013

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Casinos are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The reason might be that they are not as pricey as they used to be. If you are considering to visit one, but want to practice first, play the best online casino games in Canada at from the comfort of your own home! The Casino de [...]

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How to Ensure Your Safety While Travelling

by guestauthor on September 18, 2013

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Your safety should always be your first priority. It is very important that you have a plan for the safety of your trip whether you are on official business travel or a relaxing family vacation. Wherever you go, you may meet some bad people – it is very true even when you are in your [...]


How to Avoid Getting Hustled in Europe

by Dean on September 3, 2013

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Europe. The punchy paradise of patchwork nations, spanning the colourful horizons of mountain ranges, historical cities, reverent vistas and a startling assortment of sights, sounds and personalities. It can be overwhelming, a bit destabilising for the uninitiated even, wandering around the countless international airports, switching between English and a rainbow of languages. With this cacophony [...]


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While United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Iran might be last on a traveler’s list, these places are definitely worth visiting and exploring. However, you need to be extra cautious when traveling to Gulf Countries. It is important to know the rules and regulations before you travel to such places or else you could be [...]


Know The Advantage Of Trains When You Travel

by guestauthor on June 18, 2013

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Rail Travel is the most common mode of public transportation, and road travel or air travel is not going to overtake it in any condition because of the so many advantages that you get with train travel. In case you don’t know these advantages, here is a list of advantages of train travel. Cheaper: It [...]