Top 5 Fashion Cities to Visit in the USA

by Dean on September 9, 2014

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The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Different cities hold fashion events to showcase the designs and talents in fashion with the objective of attracting visitors to their cities and generate sales and improve economies. There are several cities in the USA that rival other fashion cities of the world. The top five include:

New York City

The city is not just the leading fashion city in the USA but the whole world.

-It dominates the fashion industry and attracts both designers and visitors from all corners of the world.

-Hosts fashion week twice in a year to promote and showcase fashion trends from world over.

-Home to trade shows, fashion schools and stores that attract many people thus promoting the city’s economy.

-The city hosts thousands of fashion designers whose designs and talent attract many people.

Los Angeles, California

The second fashion city in the USA. Also ranked highly among the fashion cities of the world.

-It is a fashion centre in the west coast with a fashion district to its name.

-Home to hundreds of designers from all over the world.

-The fashion industry in the city attract many visitors all year round hence improving its status as fashion hub.

-The city has several fashion companies that produce top brands that compete well in the world market.

Columbus, Ohio

Although relatively smaller compared to the two leading cities, Columbus has many top brand companies to its name.

-Home to hundreds of designers who design and manufacture quality brands that rivals other products in the world market.

-A fashion centre full of boutiques that display and sells latest trends attracting many visitors and creating desire for products on offer.

-The city has a creative talent that rivals major fashion cities thus its ranking among the best in terms of style and trends.

Nashville, Tennessee

A smaller city compared to other fashion centres but plays major league in terms of fashion and styles.

-Home to hundreds of fashion designers and top brands that are popular all over the world.

-Produces unique and quality designs and brands that attract many people to the city to sample and buy different brands on sale.

-Due to its status as a music capital there is mutual benefit that accrues to fashion industry from music.

-Good work environment attracts top talent in design and companies which promote its status as fashion destination.

-The city has fashion schools and colleges that train and equip upcoming designers on skills to apply and succeed in the industry.

San Francisco, California

A leading fashion city and home too many designers and brands.

-Has many stores and boutiques that display and sell top brands and attract thousands of visitors.

-It hosts many events that promote fashion and market it as fashion destination.

-There are several fashion schools and colleges that train students on latest skills in the industry making the city a big player in fashion.

The fashion industry in the USA is among the leading in the world and attracts many designers and fashion lovers from all over the world. Foreigners visiting are required to apply for ESTA to be allowed entry. A valid passport and credit card are required and application is done online.

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