5 Reasons to Visit Biograd na Moru

by Dean on June 3, 2016

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Once a popular city of Croatian kings, it is a famous nautical and tourist destination located at the heart of the Adriatic coast. The city has a suitable size for living. Lying on a peninsula, it is encircled by modern marinas fronting the beautiful sea strait of the world-famous Pasman Canal and the various scattered islands.

1. Cultural destination 

Being a geographical position at the centre of the Adriatic, surrounded by nature parks and national parks, it offers a rich tourist tradition coupled with sports and cultural amusements. These are just some of the reasons to visit Biograd na Moru as an interesting destination and a dynamic vacation. It served as the centre of creation bishops and kings in during the 11th century.

The city progressed rapidly as the centre of Croatian rule during the middle ages. In the year 1102, the city witnessed the crowing Colomanus, a shrewd Croato-Hungarian king. Many material evidence of the tumultuous and rich past of this region have been documented and stored at the popular Homeland museum.

2. Boating and Sailing 

Biograd is a popular sailing hotspot and boating destination. Tourists rent boats and yachts from a local charter to go and explore the several islands in the region. Due to its special position at the heart of the Adriatic and its close boating ties with the magnificent marinas Sangulin and Kornati, it has become a meeting point for navigators and sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. Additionally, a hotel port is always available to sailors. Here, they can book a boat tie or a hotel.

3. Quality accommodation 

There is high quality accommodation of different categories and varieties. This provides a hearty welcome in a special Mediterranean ambience. There are apartments, boarding houses, villas, and family houses in the region and its surroundings offering some of the best relaxation points for tourists. The hallmark of such accommodation is to provide tourists with an original atmosphere in with a tasty and homemade meal.

4. Sports and Leisure 

Swimming in a clean and crystal clear sea is possible within a hundred meters from the city centre. There are vast gravel and sand beaches offering amusements amid old pinewoods. For lone travellers, the wooded islands located in the Pasman canal are an interesting option. Beaches in Biograd are for everyone regardless of gender or age.

The city centre of Biograd suits tourists who want to have fun in the crystal clear sea and in an interesting and dynamic vacation. Biograd citizens have built sports and leisure equipment such as the modern tennis centre, water skiing, aquagan, boat peddling, volleyball, boulles, mini soccer, mini golf, handball, and scuba diving among others.

5. Nature Parks and Nature Trails

The sea is surrounded by various national parks such as the Kornati Islands, mountains like the Velebit Peklenica, nature parks, and the Lake Vranacha with its numerous varieties of fresh water fish. All these attractions offer tourists the possibility of an excursion in some of the most beautiful places in the whole of Croatia. The historical cities of Sibenik, Nin and Zadar offer a good cultural throw back.

Biograd na Moru is an interesting tourist destination. Whether you love sports, swimming, nature or boating and sailing, this region has its all. On top of that, you get to stay in some of the best hotels.

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