Reasons for visiting the City of Light

by Dean on July 8, 2013

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Unique features of Paris city 

Many people easily picture Paris as having parks and Museums, scenic beauty, antiques, luxurious cosmetic products, and beautiful apparels when they think about it. Tourists visit this city throughout the year because it is a heaven beauty. Jaipur, which is the capital of Rajasthan, is also referred to as the Paris city of India.

Why Jaipur is known as the Paris city of India

Just like Paris city, Jaipur is a perfect holiday spot because it is immensely beautiful. It has heritage houses that exemplify contemporary architecture, trademarked products and when it comes to monuments, it has great palaces and forts. Jaipur is known as the Paris city of India because its construction is mainly done by using pink colored stone. It is usually referred to as the Paris city of India because it has royal beauty and charm that is famous globally. The traditionalism, charm, and beauty of this pink city are the reasons for its fame just as the aura and beauty of Paris are responsible for its fame.

Useful information about Jaipur

The Pink city, which was built many centuries ago according to a unique Indian architectural theory called vaastu vidya , is a city that is planned very carefully within walls. A great Astrologer and Astronomer namely, Maharaja Singh II is credited for its construction. The aforementioned Astrologer and Astronomer constructed walls all around this city to serve as security marks for fortification purposes. Vaastu was in charge of the scrutiny and building of everything. He planned and built the ancestral architecture of Jaipur very well and in effect, it is now famous and it has earned a lot of praise from people in all parts of the world. When it comes to the development of Jaipur, it has flourished in all its folds and corners because of its development from the center. It has a blend of two cultures that are art oriented, royal palaces that reflect and show its unique beauty owing to its magnificent architecture and majestic imposing forts. Its entertainment, architecture, cuisine, and hospitality are a reflection of its glossy and vibrant culture.

Why India is a perfect holiday destination

India is a perfect holiday destination for you because it allows you to rejoice while visiting it. More importantly, Jaipur, which welcomes you in the Rajasthani style that is traditional and typical, makes it even more memorable every time you visit it. This city has lush green gardens and parks, magnificent palaces and exclusive forts. In addition, it boasts of attractive markets that offer the best traditional, royal, and classic products that are famous across the world. Beautiful apparels, fabrics, antiques, and accessories are also available in these markets. Some of the specialties of Jaipur include traditional work on pottery products, woven clothing, and fabrics. The local markets of Jaipur offer various beautiful articles. Some magnificent malls and great outlets as well as shops are also a feature of this city. It also offers cuisine from across the world and it has lounges and clubs for entertainment purposes.

Why you should visit Jaipur

whether it is its architecture, cuisine, shopping, paranormal beauty, and handicrafts, Jaipur is like Paris because it has all of them. This city meets all your expectations and hence, you should visit it. All you need to do is to contact esta in order to make your travel arrangements.

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