Fiji Scuba Diving: Guide to World’s Most Popular Diving Place

by Dean on August 16, 2017

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Fiji is home to one of the best diving sites in the World. Known as the ‘soft coral capital of the World’, Fiji has some of the most stunning reef ecosystems on the planet. It has a rich marine biodiversity that is home to about 1200 fish species and excess of 390 coral species. Diving in the deep blue waters of the Fijian islands will make the whole experience of scuba diving a memorable one.

As Fiji is an archipelago of 333 islands, there are quite a few world class dive sites which are famous most the divers from all over the World. Below are a few of the places that are apt for indulging in scuba diving while you are on a trip to Fiji.

Mamanuca and the Yasawa Islands

Situated on the western side of Fiji, is the Mamanuca islands which are a collection of 33 islands. These islands are home to the beautiful white sandy beaches which will offer you wide range of accommodation options depending on your budget. The islands are surrounded by the three outer reefs that make up the Malolo Barrier Reef System. This is one of the best places to dive for all those individuals who are still at the beginner level. The currents are mostly negligible while the waters remain warm all throughout the year. The lagoon is home to more than 30 dive sites that are suited for different proficiency of divers.

Towards the north of the Mamanuca islands are a group of 20 islands which comprise the Yasawa Islands. The dive sites may not be quite famous like the other spots in Fiji but they are still good enough to offer a terrific diving experience to the divers. Towards the south within the Yasawa Islands, you will come across the Barefoot Island and the Manta Ray Resort which are the perfect place to learn diving. Other than diving, this channel is also quite a popular spot for snorkeling.

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Taveuni Island: Rainbow Reef

The Taveuni Island is the third largest island in Fiji that is separated from the Vanua Levu by a narrow channel of water called the Somosomo Strait. The island is a paradise for all the skilled divers as it houses some of the world class dive sites. The pristine coral reefs are spread over a distance of 10,000 kilometers which make the Somosomo Strait is a perfect place to experience scuba diving. Most of the reefs are fringing that border the nearby shores. The reefs that result in the formation of the rainbow reef system differ in shape, size and underwater topography.

Kadavu Island: Great Astrolabe Reef

Kadavu which is the fourth largest island is a perfect example of a secluded beach In Fiji. All over the island, you won’t find any roads and there are only a few resorts making it the ideal place to dive. As the island is not crowded, it presents a perfect opportunity to know about the real Fiji. Along the south shore of the Kadavu Island is the Great Astrolabe Reef that moves into the deep blue waters and is at a very less distance from the shore. The barrier reef is about 200 kilometers that run along the east and the south of the island. Over here you will be able to experience a few kilometers of healthy corals along with the megafauna of the manta rays.

Beqa Island

The lagoon which surrounds the Beqa Island is formed by the largest circular barrier reef in the World. It is approximately 30 kilometers long and offers diving sites to all the different proficiency levels of divers. The Beqa Lagoon can be accessed from the resorts in the Pacific Harbor and on the coral coast and is located to the south of the Viti Levu Island. Most of the reefs are safeguarded from the stronger currents as the water of the lagoon is pretty calm. The reefs consist of a wide variety of fish, sharks and rays along with the picturesque corals. Most of the dive sites are around 10 to 20 meter deep, however, on the outer edge of the lagoon, a few amazing wall dives are much deeper and face stronger currents.

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The Bligh Water

The Bligh Water is situated between the Namena Island and the mainland, on the eastern side of Fiji. It is home to one of the most loved dive sites on the island nation. Some of the sites have a depth of over 300 meters. As the area does not have any island or shelter, the weather needs to be kind enough for having a safe trip to this area. By taking a speedboat or liveaboard from the northern or eastern resorts situated on the Viti Levu Island a person can reach ‘The Bligh Water’.

In The End

All the diving places which are mentioned in this article are unique in their own way and will offer a breathtaking and memorable experience to all the divers. Scuba Diving in Fiji has always been quite popular among the divers who want to get a glimpse of the magnificent underwater ecosystem.

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